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Asian elephants have been an integral part of the culture, religion, and economy of Asian people for at least 4000 years. However, with more than 20 percent of the world's human population living in or near Asian elephant habitat, there are constant problems. Reduction and fragmentation of the forest habitat is constricting elephants to small numbers that cannot survive the long term

Mighty phantoms in the wild, hard workers for people when tamed, Asian elephants hold a place of honor in many Asian cultures. Human history, economy, culture, and religion are intertwined with the lives of elephants.

Although many thousands of domesticated Asian elephants are found in Southeast Asia, this magnificent animal is facing extinction in the wild: in the face of rapidly growing human populations, the Asian elephant's habitat is shrinking fast. Wild elephant populations are mostly small, isolated, and unable to join as ancient migratory routes are cut off by human settlements.

The Thailand Elephant Conservation Centre in Northern Thailand is dedicated to the conservation of these most majestic animals.

It is for this reason that Artisans Of Asia promotes not only the centre itself but also the wonderful products produced at the centre that not only benefit the Elephants but also the families of the villages that help produce them.

Process of elephant dung paper
collecting the elephant dung wash dung and boil for 5 hours

spin dung to cut fibresfor up to 3 hours and add colour weigh out into equal weight balls

sift evenly into frames dry in the sun

sanding to a smooth surface assembly of products